I love Peeps, yes I do, I love Peeps how 'bout you? I think that this could catch on as a great new Easter cheer don't you? I love the fact that Peeps are still going strong, as evidenced by Easter in our house yesterday, as I was surrounded by a group of kids. We had a very serious conversation about said delicious marshmallow treats.

Question 1: What is your favorite color of Peeps?

Question 2: What shape of Peep is your favorite?

Question 3: What part do you eat First?

My answers to the above are as follows: 1) Blue 2) The Bunny's 3) The Ears. So, next time you at work and feeling a little run down, reach for a Peep to get that quick little sugar buzz.  lean back in your chair, and feel like a kid again. :)

P.S. Thanks to Laura for the delicious Peep cupcakes she brought me this morning. Yum!


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