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Boo At The Zoo is happening in just a few short weeks and will run on 3 separate weekends October 15, 22, and 29. This year, the zoo is adding an additional element to each day of Boo At The Zoo called "Drag Storytime" and I am 100% here for it!

During this time, drag performers will sit down with the kids and read some Halloween-themed books. What a great experience for the performers, kids, and parents alike to take some time out from running around the zoo to sit and listen to a great story by someone fabulous from the drag community!

This is not the first time "Drag Storytime" has been offered somewhere in the Twin Ports, and it surely will not be the last. Many of the kids that have attended these events love to see the bright and colorful outfits the performers are wearing, which makes being read to all that much more fun.

Of course, there are people who are opposed to the idea, as you can read in the comments section of the Lake Superior Zoo's original Facebook post. Even though people stated their opposition; I, personally, was happy to see the majority of the comments were positive about the addition. Below is the response from Lake Superior Zoo to those not in support of the Drag Storytime:

I am not writing this to change anybody's mind about this topic, but my purpose of this post is to say I applaud Lake Superior Zoo for being inclusive and understanding that families come in all types of combinations - LGBTQ+, queer, gay, non-binary, transgender, ally, straight, or however you identify yourself and your family.

I feel that children are accepting of everyone. They do not judge. That's a learned behavior. Let the kids be kids and enjoy a day out to just have fun. If you don't agree with this program, then don't bring your kids to the storytime, it is not mandatory. Again, I am proud of everyone at Lake Superior Zoo for helping pave the way for acceptance and inclusiveness in our community.

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