As I sat and watched Dick Clarks New Years Rocking Eve I was delighted by the quirky Jenny McCarthy and all the flashback clips of American Bandstand from back in the day, but now I secretly wish I was in Key West Florida last night.

My sister who lives in New York City was with my niece and part of the million plus people packed into Times Square.I am not gonna lie I would have loved to be there too....what an amazing thing to see despite the 28 degree weather and being packed like a sardine. But now I have found another great option.

A  little known tradition, until now, is the Shenanigans going on every New Years Eve in beautiful Key West Florida. Apparently the big tradition there is to drop (lower) a Drag Queen in a giant Cha Cha Heel shoe at Midnight on New Years Eve. What a Hoot and by the roar of the crowd it  was and has been a huge success. FABULOUS!