It was another beautiful day to go out and take a lunch break, and this week I headed out to Park Point. You have many different options on where to go, I chose to hang out by the picnic tables near the softball fields.

A few geese kept me company as I faced the beach house with the bay behind me. If you are looking for a great quiet get away then Park Point is an ideal place to to break away from the hustle and bustle. If you have a blanket or camping chair you can pull into the first beach access lot and sit on the sand looking out at the lake.

Although it might seem easier to just eat lunch at the office or company break room if you have the time try and get outside and get some fresh air. If the bridge is not up this is a quick hop from downtown. Thanks again to Whole Foods CO-OP Hillside for providing me with another delicious lunch. You can grab something from the hot bar, or any of their already made items. Plus, if you want something from the deli they can have something made to order and in your hand within minutes. Want to know what I had in my insulated bag from Whole Foods CO-OP? Check out the video below.

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