5 years ago a triathlon athlete suffered 25 bites from an otter during a swim at Island Lake, and now an 11 year old suffered injures from an otter at the lake. 

Back in 2012 Leah Prudhomme went swimming at Island Lake near Duluth and was attacked by something unsuspecting, an otter. Leah was recently contacted by a mother whose 11 year-old daughter was attacked swimming in Island Lake.

According to Leah's Facebook post, the 11 year-old was swimming near the boat launch and was bitten in the foot underwater while swimming in the deep. She was then pulled out of the water immediately by her mom and rushed to the ER in Duluth. Doctors had to reattach her tendon, which they did the night of attack and was also given rabies shots.  

The 11 year-old is recovering and Leah plans on meeting her and the family. Both Leah and the 11 year-old share interests in mountain biking. Leah also said her dad saw three more otter attacks earlier in the week. This is a reminder to please be careful and don't approach any wild animal.



According to WDIO, the family and doctors now believe the attack was from a muskie. We'll keep you updated when more info comes in.


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