OutKast rapper Big Boi is 90 percent done with his second solo LP ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.’ The collection, which has a tentative Nov. 21 release date, boasts collaborations with Kid Cudi, Sleepy Brown, T.I., A$AP Rocky and Boi’s favorite singer Kate Bush.

During his interview with Billboard, Big Boi says the album is a continuation of the funk-driven exploration found on his previous effort ‘Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.’ “We just really had fun with it and making sure that the production is top notch and the lyrical content is there,” he says. “I’m touching on everything I want to touch on. My albums are like time capsules, from the time you heard my last album to this record, it’s almost like a diary.”

As for any future plans on an OutKast reunion, that is still up in the air. However, Big Boi insists that he and his partner-in-rhyme Andre 3000 are still cool and would eventually reunite one day in the studio. “There’s never been a beef. Never,” he says. “Next year will be our 20-year anniversary. 20 years. It doesn’t seem like that because you’ve got rappers nowadays blowing up when they’re 35 and 36. We’ve already done it all by the time we were 21 and 22-years old. I’m just waiting on him to finish his solo album and we’ll see what happens after that. We good. We Gucci.”

“My focus has been primarily music. ‘Dre has been focused on film,” Big Boi continues. “He just started doing music again, just a couple years ago with guest appearances. So it’s nothing but perception. [Perception] is a motherf—er and people that don’t know s— are always the ones to talk the most and the bulls— flies a lot of times. One thing I like about Twitter is that you can hear it from the horse’s mouth. See somebody lying, you can be like, ‘You a lie n—a. That’s some bulls—.’”

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