Woah! Is Bigfoot real and trying to let it be known? It's possible.

Earlier this week, a webcam captured what appears to be the man, the myth and the legend himself. The image was captured on a Washington State Department of Transportation webcam.

They shared the series of photos depicting what appears to by the mythical creature and the image has since gone viral. Check out the screen shots below:

I can't lie - this looks A LOT like Bigfoot. It could also be a prankster.

The following day, WSDOT followed up the tweet, saying they sent their crews on a mission to the area to see what they could come up with, writing:

We made it back from Sherman Pass! Made several passes and even stopped at the top of the summit near the camera to see if we could find Sasquatch... no such luck... was still a beautiful drive with crews as they cleared snow.

This is sad news! Something tells me this is just some employees having some fun. If this really was Bigfoot, would he really walk in front of cameras and would WSDOT really be acting this calm? I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

By the way - St. Louis County has the most Bigfoot sightings in the state of Minnesota so if it really is him, it looks like he took quite the trek!

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