If you love anything Bigfoot, you might want to check out this gathering of enthusiasts and experts.

The 2nd Minnesota Bigfoot Conference will be October 1st - October 3rd at the Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids, the family friendly event is open to the public tickets are available now, the event is organized by the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

The Bigfoot Conference will start with a VIP dinner (you buy your own drinks and food) at a secret location with other VIP ticket holders and the event speakers, and after dinner you'll join everyone for a night hike, maybe you'll run into the ultimate VIP for the weekend, Bigfoot.

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Saturday and Sunday, the doors to the conference open at 9 AM, with speakers and presentations starting at 10 AM. There will be vendor booths, so you can get all your Bigfoot hunting gear and souvenirs.

The headline speaker is Dr. Jeff Meldrum, he's a Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University and will talk about Bigfoot prints and the famous Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film.

Other speakers include Cliff Barackman, he's a Bigfoot field researcher and co-host of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot. Russell Acord is a producer, author and TV host, he's been involved in 'Man vs Bigfoot' and 'Expedition Bigfoot' on the Travel Channel. Ticket prices range from $15 for kids and up to $99 for VIP tickets.

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team says that they are a "group of like-minded individuals that work together in proving the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot."

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