We weren't kidding when we called 2015 the Year of the Breakup, because there were way too many unexpected relationships that came to an end this year. We’ve chronicled some of the craziest splits that happened this year already, but consider this your all-around recap of the splits that tore our hearts in two.

From broken engagements and messy fallouts to illegitimate children and cheating scandals, we never saw any of this coming from these lovebirds at all. We filed these couples under “Relationships That Can Never Breakup, Ever,” in hopes of it actually working out that way IRL. Unfortunately, Gigi HadidNick Jonas and Zayn Malik are all noted offenders on our list. Surprisingly, though, some of these exes have managed friendships post-breakup. (Keyword: some).

Either way, have a box of Kleenex and your saddest emojis ready before you scroll through our rundown of this year’s biggest splits. You’ve been warned.

Tell us which 2015 breakup you were most devastated by in the comments below!

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