Emotions were running hot as the Vikings tried to make a comeback against the Patriots, who led 24-10 in the early part of the 4th quarter. Looking to convert on a 4th and short, Latavius Murray got stuffed for no gain, but the officials gave the Vikings a first down on the basis of forward progress. Patriots coach Bill Belichick challenged the call, which led to Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen vocalizing his disagreement with Belichick's decision. That led to this happening.

After Thielen shared his thoughts with Belichick, the Patriots head coach expressed (summarized for content) that he really didn't care what Thielen had to say. In the end, Belichick's challenge ended up being a waste, as the officials upheld their original decision to call the run play a first down.

After the game, Thielen told the media that he "let his emotions get the best of him". He went on to say that he didn't take offense to Belichick's response and went on to explain that the reason he was upset was because of Patriots defender Patrick Chung being down on the field, keeping the Vikings from getting a quick snap off to avoid a review.

The video clip of the exchange has been a discussion point on social media since it occurred. If you caught yourself wondering "did he say what I thought he said?", I figured I'd share a couple video clips of the exchange so you can replay them for yourself to answer that question.


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