The long-running Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul has finally come to an end, and Bob Odenkirk doesn’t quite know how to feel about it. The show ran for soix seasons, and the character of Saul Goodman first debuted in season 2 of Breaking Bad. That means that for over 10 years of his life, Bob Odenkirk has been playing the character. He went from a fan favorite to the star of his own critically acclaimed series.

Odenkirk has had a rich career in Hollywood, ever since HBO took a chance on the screwball-alt comedy, Mr. Show, back in the ’90s. Ever since then, Bob has been hard at work in the industry. Most of that time has been spent making cameo appearances, writing for some of your favorite comedies, and even pitching Tim And Eric to Adult Swim. But ever since his appearance in Breaking Bad, his career has taken him to some exciting new heights.

Aside from playing Saul Goodman, everyone’s favorite unscrupulous lawyer, he’s also appeared in a number of films. Perhaps the most important for his career was Nobody, a film where he plays a retired FBI enforcer who’s suddenly pulled back into his old violent life after a scrape with a Russian crime lord. While it’s fairly formulaic and not exactly ambitious from a plot perspective, Odenkirk really shines in this role, and it showcases some versatility.

At the end of the day, Odenkirk seems like he doesn’t know how to process the whole adventure being over. In the video he posted to Twitter discussing how it feels, he struggles to put it into words. He seems humble, grateful for the experience, and unsure of what's next. We don't really know what's next for Odenkirk either, but he deserves the world after bringing one of the classic characters of modern television to life.

You can watch the video below.

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