After arriving at their hunting camp to prep for hunting season, a family found a stash of bombs on their property in a small Northern Minnesota town.

Red Lake County Sheriff Mitch Bernstein was quoted by WDAZ saying that, “There was an unspecified number of active bombs among with active bomb-making materials”. Crews took almost 8 hours to disable the bombs and go over the rest of the property.

This happened on property that is right outside Oklee in Red Lake County. That cuts deep for me because my hometown is only 30 miles away. I'm going back in a couple weekends to go hunting. I was literally helping my dad get stuff ready for deer hunting this past weekend. The fact that this happened so close to where I was and that it could've easily been closer is a little jarring. Thankfully no one was hurt and the bombs were defused before anyone was hurt.

The police are asking if you have any information, you can help by calling: 218-253-2996.

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