BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • Kate Winslet Can't Watch Herself

    Kate Winslet is not able to watch her nude scene in Titanic.  If you recall she stripped down so Leonardo DiCaprio's character could draw her.  Now fans bring her pictures asking her to sign them and she refuses.  She said that often times before challenging scenes she actually loses her lunch because of adrenaline and nerves.

  • Gaga Live Stream

    New York's Legendary Roseland Ballroom is closing down.  The last person to perform there will be Lady Gaga on April 7th.  They have plans to live stream the performance and event.  Nice little kickoff.

  • Katy Perry Kacey Musgraves Collaboration

    Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves are teaming up for a new CMT type of concert.  CMT is looking to team up two artists from different genres of music to work together.

  • Birthday Blast!

    Today's CELEB Birthdays-- 4/3/14

    ~~Alec Baldwin is 56 (30 Rock; Beetlejuice; The Hunt for Red October; The Good Shepherd; The Departed; Pearl Harbor; It's Complicated; man more)
    ~~Eddie Murphy is 53 (Saturday Night Live's Buhweet, Mr. Robinson, Little Richard Simmons, Gumby, others 1980-84; Beverly Hills Cop I II & III's Axel F., Raw, 48 Hours, Trading Places, Harlem Nights, Boomerang, Distinguished Gentleman, Vampire In Brooklyn, The Nutty Professor, Metro, Dr. Dolittle '98, Life, Bowfinger, The P.J.'s voicist/star; songs: Party All The Time, Boogie In Your Butt, Shrek, Showtime, Pluto Nash, Shrek 2, Dreamgirls, Norbit, Meet Dave; Tower Heist; A Thousand Words)
    ~~Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton is 72
    ~~Actress, Jennie Garth is 42 (Beverly Hills 90210's & Melrose Place's (occ) Kelly Taylor, What I Like About You)
    ~~Actress, Cobie Smulders is 32 (How I Met Your Mother; The Avengers)
    ~~Actor, David Hyde Pierce is 55 (Frasier; A Bug's Life; many more)
    ~~Actress, Amanda Bynes is 28 (What I Like About You, Figure It Out, All That, What a Girl Wants; Easy A)
    ~~Singer/actress, Doris Day is 90 (The Man Who Knew Too Much; Calamity Jane; Pillow Talk; many more)
    ~~Actor, Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) is 41 (Step Brothers; Knocked Up; Friends with Kids )
    ~~Actor, Matthew Goode (Watchmen) is 36 (Match Point; Leap Year)
    ~~'Daughter' of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson is 16
    ~~Actor, James Black is 52 (All Of Us; The PJ's)

    ~~Actor/comedian Aries Spears is 39 (Jerry Maguire; MADtv)
    ~~Actress, Marsha Mason is 72 (Heartbreak Ridge; The Goodbye Girl)
    ~~NFL star, Jared Allen is 32


    ~~Singer, Leona Lewis is 29
    ~~Rocker, Sebastian Bach is 46 (Skid Rowe)
    ~~Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) is 46
    ~~Singer, Tony Orlando is 70
    ~~John Thomas Griffith (Cowboy Mouth) is 54
    ~~Musician, Mike Ness (Social Distortion) is 52
    ~~Bassist, Curtis Stone (Highway 101) is 64
    ~~Musician, Stuart Swanlund (The Marshall Tucker Band) is 56
    ~~Country Singer, Billy Joe Royal is 72


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