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  • World Internet Issues

    There are problems with the internet.  It turns out that it is growing and being used faster than the technology for it is being upgraded.  Tuesday there was a major breakdown in the internet and Ebay was one of the affected sites.  The problem is that with all the added traffic, routers are not able to keep up with the flow because they are outdated and do not contain enough memory.  Frankly, I'm surprised this is an issue.  But a lot of the hardware out there for the net is becoming extremely outdated.

  • Miley Is Hotel Guest From Hell

    Apparently hotels aren't too eager for when Miley checks in.  A luxury New York hotel had some issue when Miley and her entourage showed up.  One source said it was like a tornado rolled through.  Miley led her posse screaming, yelling smoking weed, and throwing themselves all over the expensive furniture.  Apparently, when Miley was asked by staff to dial it back a bit she freaked told them 'she spent so much money.... they should be glad to have her'

  • More Rumors Surrounding Michael Strahan's Extracurricular Activities

    Rumors a coming out now about Michael Strahan, following his break off of his engagement with Nicole Murphy.  Strahan hosts Live with Kelly Michael alongside Kelly Ripa.  Now he has been accused of paying off his ex-wife and his ex sister in law.  Apparently during his divorce his ex wife testified that she found video equipment in their bedroom that Strahan used to tape her sister undressing.  Then he wired her $30,000 to keep quiet.  Keep in mind none of this has been confirmed, at this point its rumor.  Makes you wonder what people hide behind their smiles sometimes though.

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