Superior is working on creating a new citywide broadband service and there is a webinar tonight to discuss the proposal.

The virtual gathering happens tonight at 7 PM on Zoom, here is a link to the webinar, Superior Mayor Jim Paine is encouraging anyone interested in more details about the service to join tonight. Paine says, "Cheaper, faster, internet for everyone. No tax increase, 100% voluntary. Better service for a lower cost. That’s it."

According to the proposed municipal broadband service would offer up to 30% lower cost internet, significantly increase the speed and reliability, give Superior residents multiple options for ISPs, improve economic development and foster innovation, and improve and create new services provided in the city.

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The new service plans to offer a variety of options for speed and price, and ISPs, the network would be available to any ISP and says that they anticipate 3-5 different ISPs at launch. Basically, the city will maintain the fiber infrastructure, but provide no actual internet service, leaving that open to private business.

The SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) put together in the Broadband Master Plan Prepared for the Superior City Council points out some potential problems and road blocks including a short construction season, some constraints in Wisconsin law, incumbent opposition, interest rates, fear of the unknown, among other things, you can read the entire report here.

Mayor Paine says, "Reliable internet connectivity is essential in the 21st century. Just as electricity enabled the First Industrial Revolution, fiber optic infrastructure is the foundation for the digital revolution."

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