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  • Bad Boys 3

    Martin Lawrence has announced that a script for Bad Boys 3 is in the works.  Earlier in the month Lawrence tweeted out to Will Smith asking for a reunion say it was 11 years ago that it was released.  When Martin Lawrence was asked if it was real, he said he spoke to Jerry Bruckheimer and its real deal.  It hasn't been officially sanctioned yet, but the script in the works is a good indicator we might see the bad boys come together again in the next couple of years.

  • Startling New About Robin Williams

    In the aftermath of Robin Williams death, his wife Susan released an official statement.  She said that he had issues with not only depression and anxiety but also the beginning stages of Parkinson's disease was also giving him troubles.  Michael J Fox who also has Parkinson's was surprised by the revelation and said that when he first learned of his in 1991 he turned to alcohol himself.  Experts have explained that Parkinson's often comes with Major depression because of how it affects the brain.

  • Chris Kattan Sentenced In DUI From February

    Chris Kattan, AKA Mango from SNL, was sentenced to 3 years of probation and will have to attend drug and alcohol classes.  Back in February he was arrested after he slammed into a parked car in LA.  Turns out he was on Ambien at the time.  He also has been banned from driving with any drugs in his system unless they are prescription.  Well Duh.  You shouldn't be driving on drugs anyway.

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