BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • Shia Lebeouf Alcohol Treatment

    Shia LeBeouf in news, this time it's not for chasing a homeless guy, peeing on a restaurant, or getting kicked out of a show on a bender.  Sources close to Shia say he is takign the alcohol treatment program seriously and is taking some great steps.  One of his drivers to do so, happens to be Brad Pitt.  According to the sources, Shia is trying to get better because he doesn't want to embarrass Brad Pitt.  Shia Lebeouf and Brad Pitt are working on a WWII movie together called 'Fury'.

  • Junk Food Ruins Sense Of Smell

    For those of you that like junk food, have you noticed your sense of smell isn't as good as other peoples?  Researchers ran an experiment on mice and found that those on high-fat diets were not as able to recognize specific odors as easily as before.  Turns out they lost roughly 50% of the brain cells used to spot the signals.  So junk food can change more than just your weight.

  • 12 Day Simpsons Marathon

    The Simpsons show has been around for forever it seems.  It's starting it's 26th season this September. In honor of the FXX has decided to air all 552 episodes in a row beginning on August 21st and will even be playing the Simpsons Movie as well.  The marathon will take 12 days to complete and will end on September 1st.  To be honest I didn't realize the show was still going.  I thought it was cancelled and everything was a rerun.