Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has taken his entrepreneurial spirit and technological savvy away from space exploration and into the world of simple and inexpensive, yet high tech Halloween costumes.Rober's new company, Digital Dudz, offers relatively inexpensive costumes that rely mainly on your smartphone and a free app working in conjunction with a t-shirt or accessory you can purchase from his website.

Most of the shirts and accessories range between $30 and $50, putting them well within reach of many lower-tech options available from most costume stores. Also, if you're crafty and creative, you could even create your own shirt or accessory to work with the free companion app, and get away for even less money!

If you want to check out the app, pick your store of choice:


Whether you want to look for inspiration to create your own, or you'd like to take advantage of one of the Digital Dudz pre-made shirts, here's a video explaining how it all works.

High-Tech Spooky Costumes Using Your Smartphone

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