The women of Broad City pushed hard enough for Hillary Clinton that the Presidential candidate herself put in an appearance, so it follows that Season 4 would take a hardline stance on Trump. So much so, in fact, that Abbi and Ilana have opted to censor his name entirely.

Ilana Glazer explained as much in conversation with USA Today, noting “there’s no airtime for this orange [person]. We bleep his name the whole season.” Somehow, we’re guessing Glazer didn’t say “person.”

The Broad City creator and star also revealed that she and Abbi Jacobson “rewrote a lot” of their initial scripts after the November 8 election, so as to ensure the August-premiering season is “deeply rooted in this time.” Interestingly enough, the recent Season 4 trailer did name-drop Trump, though the final product will presumably be censored, or use an alternate take.

Here’s the Season 4 synopsis:

Broad City returns with a new season of ten episodes that finds Abbi and Ilana experiencing New York City in a whole new way: in the dead of winter. In Season 4 Abbi and Ilana get new jobs, celebrate their Friendiversary, receive a visit from Abbi’s mom, trip on mushrooms, discover their witchdom, and travel to Florida.

Guest stars for the coming season included Steve Buscemi, RuPaul, Wanda Sykes, SNL alum Jane Curtin and Shania Twain. Comedy Central also renewed Broad City for Seasons 4 and 5 prior to the Season 3 premiere.

Broad City Season 4 will premiere on August 23 after an all-new episode of South Park, so check out the trailer and latest shorts below.

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