Havana's heat has got nothing on the fire Camila Cabello's debut album, Camila, has already brought to Twitter.

Cabello, whose self-titled debut solo album officially dropped Friday (January 12) at midnight, immediately made an impression on the market, shooting to No. 1 on iTunes in the United States, United Kingdom and nearly 100 countries in total by 8 AM.

Favorable critical reception followed (PopCrush has called it "a sharply penned, earnest and at times addictive project that stands head, shoulders, hips and heels over the faceless trop-house record Fifth Harmony released without her."). And, naturally, fan reaction has proven to be no different.

Already, fans are picking out favorite tracks, showering Cabello with praise and insisting she reimburse her disciples for the many wigs she's so carelessly snatched.

"Leaving fifth harmony was the best decision camila has ever made for herself. she’s an amazing solo artist. don’t hate on me but this is my opinion. i’m so proud of her and this album is literally everything! she has my heart," one follower wrote. Another noted: "I think what makes Camila such a poetic genius is that she makes every girl feel like THAT girl in her lyrics. Everything is relatable.

Check out some of the best fan reactions to the release of Camila Cabello's Camila —some notable celebs included — below.

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