Living in a rural area comes with its own set of challenges for emergency responders. Often, a Sheriff's deputy on patrol will arrive at the scene of a house fire before firefighters do. While deputies are there to help, entering a burning structure without protective gear is extremely dangerous.

To better equip deputies in these situations, two local Masonic Lodges (Glen Avon Lodge and Euclid Lodge) are donating 10 portable fire suppression tools to the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office.

Fire Suppression Solutions LLC
Fire Suppression Solutions LLC

These compact devices work by quickly reducing temperatures and suppressing flames within a burning room. Activation is simple, and they function without depleting oxygen, making it useful for first responders to rescue someone if needed.

In the product video seen below, the fire suppression tool was deployed safely through a window and quickly reduced the temperature over 900 degrees is less than one minute. The FST is designed to last 15 years and can be used in Minnesota's freezing conditions, the manufacture says the tool can operate in temperatures of 55° below zero.

"We are extremely grateful to the Masons for recognizing the need and for their generosity," said St. Louis County Sheriff Gordon Ramsay in a press release. "Obviously, we hope we never need to use this equipment, but the reality is we will, and these will help protect both my deputies and our citizens from serious injury or worse."

The Sheriff's Office plans to distribute the devices among deputies throughout the county, the Volunteer Rescue Squad, and the Emergency Response Team.

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