The Northland K9 Foundation shared a story of St. Louis County Sheriff K9 Ranger that assisted the Hermantown Police catching a suspect.

The excitement started when the Hermantown police were called for a shoplifting incident involving three people, one of the suspects fled the scene when it was learned that the suspect that ran had multiple felony warrants including for aiding and abetting burglary, forgery, and drug charges.

Deputy Kuhnly and K9 Ranger from the St. Louis County Sheriff's office were called to the scene and immediately started tracking the suspect from the last place he was spotted running into the woods about 25 minutes earlier.

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K9 Ranger picked up the suspect's scent right away and started following the trail into an area with thick vegetation and swampy terrain with mud so thick and deep that officers it covered their boots, but K9 Ranger didn't slow down the search while Deputy Kuhnly was yelling for the suspect to surrender and warning that a K-9 was being used to track him, but got no response.

K9 Ranger suddenly caught a scent of the suspect and made a u-turn back into the swampy terrain and areas of vegetation when the hiding suspect emerged from a wooded area and immediately surrendered. The suspect admitted to hiding in the swamp to avoid police, but said the pursuing K9 the was approaching him scared him enough to surrender to police.

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