Add these spots to the list of places that have changed up their mask policy big time after the CDC's new guidelines.

In case you didn't know, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says those that are fully vaccinated can go into public places without a mask. However, this does not apply in cities, states and businesses that choose to keep their mask mandates in place.

Now, shortly after the CDC's new guidelines, major retailers have chosen to drop their mask requirements for those that are fully vaccinated. A few more businesses to do this include Caribou Coffee, Home Depot and CVS.

Home Depot announced the news on Monday (May 17th), stating that customers and employees that are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks. Their press release says masks are encouraged for those that aren't fully vaccinated. Home Depot will continue to keep other COVID-19 policies in place, like enhanced cleaning.

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CVS stores followed suit, announcing they would not be requiring face coverings for the fully vaccinated and asking those that aren't to continue to wear a mask in stores. Employees will still wear masks.

Caribou Coffee also updated their mask policy, stating that they are not requiring masks in store but are encouraging people to continue to wear them inside, regardless of vaccination status. Team members will continue to mask up until further notice.

Both Target and Starbucks stores announced they were dropping their face mask requirement for fully vaccinated people. Walmart and Sam's Club stores also made the same announcement.

There are Twin Ports locations for all of the businesses listed above and, as mentioned, the face mask policies are overwritten by local or state ordinances so keep that in mind. As for Duluth, the city has officially lifted their face mask policy. It is also up to the business so keep that mask handy.

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