All week long we've seen the axes fall and numerous series granted surprising renewals, and at long last CBS has chimed in with their major alterations for the year to come. Not only has Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams' 'The Crazy Ones' suffered a surprising cancellation, but so too has 'LOST' castaway Josh Holloway's 'Intelligence,' the 'Bad Teacher' adaptation and a number of other CBS series.

The last of the major networks to announce their prized series burn-offs (given the ratings, they've more or less earned it), CBS issued cancellation notices to five of its freshman series, among them advertising comedy 'The Crazy Ones,' 'HIMYM' follow-up 'Friends with Better Lives,' Ari Graynor's 'Bad Teacher,' tech drama 'Intelligence,' and Dylan McDermott-Toni Collette thriller 'Hostages.'

If nothing else, bubble series 'The Mentalist' was renewed for a seventh season, despite having resolved the "Red John" mystery most of the series had oriented itself around. Of course, most of the major CBS series had already been renewed, among them the likes of 'The Big Bang Theory,' which itself scored an impressive three-season renewal.

Well, what say you? Which of CBS' new series were you most disappointed to see given the axe? Did any deserve a second chance?

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