I told you a few weeks ago about how a celebrity wasn't too pleased with his trip to Minnesota. He even went as far as to say that Midwest hospitality isn't nearly as good as Southern Hospitality. The brash New Yorker however could be caught smiling with fans in a follow up video posted about his trip that included a trip to the Mall of America.

Michael Rappaport was in Minneapolis in August. He and Dean Collins problems started right when they got offt he plane at the airport.

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In the follow up video called "Michael Rapaport was in Minnesota acting like a lunatic," he starts off by complaining about the weather. Things started turning around as they got to the hotel lobby and a fan noticed him. He must have knew he was staying there or had a clue because he had a bunch of stuff for Rapaport to sign. Rapaort told him he's the first nice person he's met while here, and then he's been getting treated like sh%$ since he's been here.

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The video continues with Michael and Dean walking around the Mall of America. They seemed to have a difficult time finding their way around. Rapaport had several choice words for the Mall of America, which he apparently isn't a fan of. He shouted that he didn't mean any disrespect. Warning, the language he uses is a not quite appropriate.

Several more fans stopped, and he happily took pictures and signed autographs. Rapaport smiled and was appreciative of his fans he ran into.

Dean made several jokes everytime someone came up that they are the first or second people since we've been in Minnesota to recognize him.

In the end, you can see that he's happy that "people here know me, man!"

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