Hi, you know "My Heart Will Go On," the Titanic theme that:

1) Is the 13th best-selling single of all time, with more than 15 million copies sold
2) Won the 1997 Academy Award for Best Song
3) Won the 1998 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song: Motion Picture
4) Won the 1999 Grammy Award for Record of the Year
5) Broke the Billboard record for largest radio audience ever
6) Topped the charts in nearly 30 countries?

Celine Dion never wanted to record it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon that aired last night (July 21), before she nailed impressions of Sia, Rihanna and Cher, the singer admitted she wasn't so into the song, which made its official debut in December 1997.

Of course, the very basics of a decent interview elude Fallon, so he never decided to ask Dion why. Time for some needless guesswork, friends!

"I'm glad I sang the song, because — I think I said it before...I didn't want to record the song," Dion admits to gasps in the clip above.

Any follow-up questions, Jim-Jim? Wanna do anything beyond affect a remedial French accent? No? Okay, cool, good good.

Of course, the song catapulted the already famous Dion into an uncharted pop-stratosphere, and is a cornerstone of her Las Vegas residency, which kicked off at Caesar's Palace in 2002. The show is now the most successful residency of all time, according to Billboardbut Dion adds above that its producers had doubts about its potential to last years ago.

"They said to me, before we started...'Oh, gosh, the Titanic is gonna sink again,'" she jokes. "And then at one point you just have to not listen to everybody and focus and believe or not in what you're doing."


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