The FOX 21 evening news team was given some national exposure for a clip of a casual conversation that ended up being a bit awkward. Thanks to the world wide web, things like this don't always stay local for long. Jimmy Fallon actually played the clip (below) on his show and everyone's reaction all seemed to think it was pretty funny.


I have a feeling that this clip is going to continue to circulate online for many years to come. We all have those casual conversations that all of the sudden takes a hard right, but when you are on live TV and get caught off guard it can be fairly awkward. Thankfully the whole crew at FOX 21 has a great sense of humor and are taking it all in stride. Look at it this way guys you had a cameo on the Tonight Show without even trying, I think that is awesome! Plus, I say ridiculous things on the radio daily but I guess for me that is just expected.

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