Television has not been kind to Minnesota lately. For example, the tv show 9-1-1 ripped on Minnesota for a second time this year alone.

Then on Tuesday night, I had The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on while I was scrolling around on my phone with my dog sound asleep on my lap. I fully admit I wasn't pay much attention to most of the show, including when Jimmy Fallon welcomed comedian Dusty Slay to the stage to close out the show with a stand-up routine.

However, that changed when through the booming sound of my dog snoring on my lap, I was sure I heard Dusty start to talk about a drive to Duluth, Minnesota. He then started to share a funny and not so flattering story about one of our well-know attractions.

I wanted to make sure he did in fact say Duluth, Minnesota to open this bit so I grabbed the remote and did a rewind back to the beginning of his story (isn't technology great?!). I quickly confirmed that he was talking about a drive to Duluth, Minnesota and his visit to what we can only assume is the Great Lakes Aquarium. I mean, he's certainly not referencing World Of Fish here.

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You can watch the entire Dusty Slay appearance below. The part about Duluth begins at about the 3:15 mark and runs to the end of his routine, which features a funny punchline involving a specific Great Lakes Aquarium employee.

We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? I did laugh while watching this, although I did want to check on that turtle.  I also wondered if the "fish expert" he's referencing remembers such an exchange with Dusty, who does have a unique and memorable look.

Dusty Slay is a comedian based out of Nashville and he will be a part of "The Standups", which airs on Netflix in December. Perhaps he'll have more Duluth jokes!

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