Charli XCX brought all the energy to the 2015 MTV Movie Awards with her performances of "Famous" and "Drop That Kitty."

She kicked off the musical number with undisputed banger "Famous." Dressed in a zebra-print jumpsuit and some intensely awesome metallic platform heels, Charli rocked out with a super-sized inflatable guitar.

"One night, and we're gonna come and crash the party / Weren't invited but we're feeling so outrageous / Just like we're famous," she belted. "Got one night, and we're gonna come and get it started / Now we're falling down the stairs / We act so shameless / Come on let's lose control!"

If that wasn't enough to have you dancing, Charli's infectious stage presence was guaranteed to have you on your feet. And because one song from her isn't enough, Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe joined her onstage to perform "Drop That Kitty."

The suggestive song was every bit as provocative as we expected it to be, complete with backup dancers dressed as pink cats.

"I know you want it all, I'm giving you a show / You like what I'm doin'? Drop that kitty down low," they sang.

Charli's performance got a lot of buzz before the MTV Movie Awards, but she didn't let us down. As expected, she brought down the house in the way that only she can.

You can check out part of Charli XCX, Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe's performance in the video above!

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