Ope! Internet sensation Charlie Berens has some big news. He wrote a book and he's going on tour!

The comedian shared the news on his Instagram page Wednesday (July 14th), stating that he wrote a book. It is appropriately titled "The Midwest Survival Guide" and he will be going on tour along with the release.

An exact release date of the book wasn't given at this time but he did say it will be released in the fall, when the tour kicks off, aside from a handful of dates.

The tour is named after the book and it will be taking the star across the country. Aside from a few local dates in July, the full tour will kick off in September. Most of the dates will take place around Wisconsin.

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However, there are a few Minnesota dates on the tour as well. The Minnesota tour dates are as follows:

  • September 10th in Winona at Winona State University
  • October 22nd in Rochester with a venue to be announced
  • October 23rd in Mankato with a venue to be announced

Tickets for the Minnesota tour dates are not on sale yet. You can check his website periodically for updates on when to purchase tickets and where venues will be for the other locations.

He will also be going to a few others states including Florida, California, Arizona and Iowa. As mentioned, most of the other tour dates will take place across Wisconsin.

Some dates have tickets available already but most do not. As mentioned, you can continue to check his website for any details regarding venues and tickets.

If a location near you isn't listed above, don't worry. He assured fans in the comment section that he will be adding more dates to the tour in the near future. He also told fans to let him know where they would like him to visit so he can try to make it happen.

In case you didn't know, Charlie rose to fame as the host of the Manitowoc Minute. It is a sketch comedy bit he does online which has since made him a household name, especially in our region. Prior to his breakout success, he was an Emmy-nominated journalist.

His whole shtick is making fun of those from the midwest, from what we eat to how we talk. It is all in good fun and I have to admit, it is hilarious and true. Here is one of my favorite videos from him:

A few years back, Ken from The Breakfast Club got the chance to talk to him ahead of a show he was doing in the Twin Ports. Even his interview was hilarious. You can watch it below:

If you are a big fan like we are, make sure to snag tickets to one of his shows. They usually sell out pretty quickly! In the meantime, keep 'er moving!

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