Man, 2020. You never know what you'll see. A friend of mine recently was driving with her family in Central Minnesota when they spotted what appears to be an Amish man "ditch skiing" behind a horse drawn buggy.

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She said she didn't know what it was at first when they were a distance away, but as they got closer she got her phone out to record. The man is hanging on to a rope, wearing skis, and quite skillfully navigating obstacles in the ditch. This definitely isn't his first time.

So then I got curious, is this a thing that the Amish regularly do? A quick search and in no time I found a handful of videos where other folks are skiing behind their horse and buggy.

It's happened in Iowa, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Michigan, and other snowy places. How long has this been going on? Some of the earliest videos we see are from 2010, but I think it's safe to say it's been going on for a lot longer than that.

Amish people don't embrace modern technology, so I would imagine this would be about the most extreme winter sport they can do. I can't tell from the video what exactly kind of boots the guy is wearing, but they don't look like traditional ski boots. It also looks just like a plain old rope. That's pretty hardcore. I have to admit, it looks like some fun. It also definitely brought some smiles to this family.

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