Looking for something to watch this weekend?

'A Dealership Christmas' is now available on Amazon Prime Video for a 99 cent rental or you can buy it for $2.99. The 25-minute episode was shot last year at Kari Toyota in Superior and at Bentlyville.

Hollywood Rookies is behind the production, here is the official film synopsis from them:

Liz Haskell is a perky, newly single mother trying to eke out a living (and a special Christmas surprise) for her 6-year-old disabled son, Dylan. When Liz overhears that she might lose her job, suddenly not only are Dylan's dreams at risk, but her very livelihood. With colorful characters and laughable moments, A Dealership Christmas is destined to join your collection of beloved holiday films!

Producer Jacey Dean told the Duluth News Tribune, “A pilot is meant to be changed. It’s a concept and we need to know what people think. What would you like to see in the future? What made you laugh?”

Check out the trailer below and maybe give it a watch this weekend and let me know what you think.

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