If you're looking for the ultimate Bentleyville experience, you should make a stop at this Twin Ports restaurant for a special treat before touring the lights at Bayfront Park.

Bridgeman's Restaurant near the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth is offering a new Mega Malt, something they have become popular for, the Bentleyville Mega Malt features everything you'll find at Bentleyville, hot chocolate malt with a whipped cream topping, a Christmas Tree cone, a chocolate chip cookie, a souvenir light-up necklace and fun winter themed toy character, and it's all topped with a "sprinkle of popcorn."

Bridgeman's Restaurant says it will donate part of the proceeds of the sale of the new Mega Malt to Bentleyville. It isn't cheap to put this event on each year, according to the University of Minnesota Duluth, "$65,000 spent on Santa hats, $50,000 on cookies, and $25,000 on popcorn! In total, $643,000 is spent each year to host the incredibly popular Bentleyville light display, paid primarily through individual donations from visitors and local sponsors."

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Earlier this year Bridgeman's teamed up with Duluth Pack for Happy Trails Mega Malt, which was made from "chocolate malt swirled with M&M's, topped with decadent whipped cream, a unique trail mix gourmet popcorn pop, a souvenir green tree, and additional M&M's."

Other past Mega Malt creations include The Breakfast of Champions, a breakfast-themed malt with a waffle and bacon, S'mores Galore, a beach-themed malt called the Park Point, and the Crazy for Cookie Dough malt, YUM!

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