Believe it or not, the last big weekend of Bentleyville is upon us! The massive light festival is one of the biggest attractions in the state and people come from all over to see the lights right in our own backyard.

This year, there are a few new things at Bentleyville that I am really excited about! One of the changes includes a gingerbread castle near the entrance, replacing an old castle that has been there for awhile.

There is also a new, bigger building for volunteers to hand out the treats we all love, like the cookies and the hot chocolate. There is also a bigger gift shop area and a few other new things on the grounds of Bentleyville.

Whether you've been a million times or just a few, Bentleyville is always spectacular! If you are a Duluth local, you know as a rule of thumb that you should probably go during the week if you can to avoid massive crowds during the weekend.

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This weekend is the last super busy weekend expected at Bentleyville. While many will still take to the light festival until it closes shop later this month, things really pick up on weekends and especially on Saturday nights.

This weekend is expected to be super busy and for that reason, you will want to avoid the show if you are a local and go during the week. However, if you just can't resist or have family coming to town, there are a few things you can do to make the experience a bit smoother.

You may already know these tips but this is always a good refresher, especially ahead of a massive holiday weekend:

  • Park and walk! While it is convenient to park near Bentleyville, whether on the street or at the DECC, it will save you a big hassle to park in a downtown parking ramp and walk over via the skywalk.
  • Do not go to Bentleyville right when it opens at 5 p.m. Instead, try to come after 7 p.m. when families likely have already gone through the attraction.
  • Use another option, like the shuttles from Canal Park and downtown area or the train.

Bentleyville is open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Don't believe just how crowded it gets? Check out this photo the event shared on a busy Saturday last year. It looks like you can't even walk!

If you're curious about Bentleyville this weekend with this major winter storm headed our way this week, organizers say they will announce any closure on their website and on their Facebook page as soon as they make a decision, which will likely be closer to the weekend.

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