Ever wondered just how much snacking goes on at one of Minnesota's top entertainment and convention centers? The numbers for 2023 are in, and they’re impressive. Let’s break down the stats in a way that’ll make you hungry just reading about it.

The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center in 2023 hosted a wide array of events, catering to diverse interests. Sports fans enjoyed UMD Hockey, music fans enjoyed a variety of concerts, including shows from The Doobie Brothers, and Kevin Gates with Wacka Flocka Fame in AMSOIL Arena. The DECC also played host to a number of expos, and private conventions throughout the year.

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DECC Paulucci Hall and ticket entrance in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The DECC put together an infographic to breakdown all the concession food and drinks that were served during a busy 2023 and the stats might surprise you.

First off, hydration is key. Fans and visitors guzzled down 18,986 aluminum bottles of water and 575,914 ounces of soda. Not to mention, they enjoyed a whopping 52,898 cans of beer. If you stacked those cans, the tower would be higher than 30 Empire State Buildings.

Cola Soda Bottles with Blue Tops Lined up in a Group on Store Shelves
Melissa Blair

When it comes to food, burgers were a huge hit with 3,446 sold, followed closely by 4,668 grilled cheeses and 6,182 slices of pizza. Sausages and hot dogs were top contenders too, with 10,217 making their way into hungry hands. That’s enough hot dogs to stretch over 6 miles. Steak sandwiches had their own fan club with 548 sold, showing that some folks like their concession food a little more upscale.

Man biting hot dog isolated
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Cheese curds were a big deal too, with 900 orders satisfying those craving something uniquely Minnesotan. French fries made a strong showing with 2,427 orders, while nachos took the lead in the crunchy snack category with 6,158 servings. If you lined up all those nachos, they’d cover over 1.5 football fields. Chicken tenders were another crowd favorite, with 9,272 orders keeping the fryer busy.

stripsy  chicken breaded with fries french

The snack game was strong too. Soft pretzels hit a high note with 13,861 orders, and popcorn boxes reached a staggering 20,461. And let’s not forget the sweet tooth – 32,975 scoops of ice cream were served, proving that ice cream never goes out of style, no matter the season. That’s enough ice cream to fill over 200 bathtubs.

DECC - Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
DECC - Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

In short, the DECC was a veritable feast in 2023, serving up an impressive array of snacks and drinks to keep everyone satisfied. Whether you’re a fan of savory or sweet, crunchy or creamy, the DECC had something for every palate. Here's to another year of delicious concessions.

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