Who doesn't like malt from Bridgeman's restaurant, or know the quality of a Duluth Pack product?

The two local companies have teamed up to bring us the Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt. It's a combination that Duluth Pack and Bridgeman's Restaurant describe as a new creation that has a combination of things that would remind you of a great adventure. One that you would probably bring a Duluth Pack to.

The Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt starts with chocolate ice cream and peanut butter pretzel to make a malt dessert, then whipped cream topping, a crunchy and salty pretzel rod, then green sprinkles are added to match the color of the Duluth Pack Green like the iconic backpack, it is garnished with a decorative tree and souvenir compass and a chocolate moose lollipop (added because Duluth Pack's mascot is a moose).

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My mouth is already watering. The new joint creation was added to the Bridgeman's menu on Monday, June 13th, and has everyone excited for this local treat just in time for Grandma's Marathon when the world converges on the Duluth Area and everyone will want to try a flavor of the area.

And continuing with the sustainable footprint the two companies share, the Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt is served in a mason jar tumbler that you can take home and make other malts or desserts, and a reusable straw and lid. It is featured on the Duluth Bridgeman's website and sells for $13.99.

Duluth Pack
Duluth Pack

Bridgeman's also features other mega malts to choose from but is having fun creating something that features the Duluth company. Bridgeman’s Restaurant and Duluth Pack have both been a staple of the Duluth community and that's what got them talking.

This year Duluth Pack has been celebrating its 140th year making hand-crafted canvas and leather bags and packs, the longest in the United States. Bridgeman's stated in a press release that each company uses quality materials and foods to make their products and that is why they think this is a great partnership.

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