Cher Lloyd is a lot of things -- a talented singer, a skilled darts-thrower, a stylish star -- but is she a Directioner? While visiting MTV, the entertainer proved that she can recognize a One Direction doll -- with her eyes closed!

Cher was playing a game called "Guess the Mess," which required her to blindly reach into a bucket and guess its contents. Simple, right? The singer seemed hesitant and even joked that if she grabbed something disgusting that she would sue.

However, Cher had absolutely no reason to worry! She proved that she was adept at figuring out the mystery contents, correctly identifying gummy bears, wet paper towel and even peeled bananas! But the real fun came when she reached into a bucket of One Direction dolls.

We won't tell you what happens, but we will reveal this -- the girl knows her way around a One Direction doll! Watch Cher unleash her inner Directioner in the video above!

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