British cutie Cher Lloyd, who competed against One Direction on the U.K. version ‘X Factor,’ made her U.S. TV debut last night (July 25) on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Lloyd performed her breakthrough single, the more-addictive-than-street-drugs ‘Want U Back,’ and brought the diner motif, complete with stools, a counter, ice cream sundaes, milkshakes and a busboy, from the video along with her.

We were shocked by how tiny Lloyd, 18, looked on live TV. She’s so petite you want to put her in your pocket and carry her around with you all day. But when she opend her mouth and those sassy words –“Now I see you been hangin’ around / With that other girl in town / Lookin’ like a pair of clowns, clowns, clowns” -- she was larger than life. A firecracker, if you will!

With her hair fashioned in a suicide roll and an armful of tattoos, Lloyd was part Avril, part Katy and all adorbs. We’re scratching our heads over how she didn’t win her season of ‘X.’ Come to think of it, how didn’t 1D win either? That had to be one helluva a season with these two acts competing.

Overall, her ‘AGT’ perf was a big, flashy, elaborate and entertaining production, with the song’s lyrics popping up on life-sized images of vinyl records, like a jukebox behind the counter. Lloyd ended her song by tossing a milkshake in the busboy’s face. Score! You wouldn’t expect less from her, would ya?

She breathed a big ol’ sight of relief right in front of the camera after her big American reveal was in the rear view. Host Nick Cannon pointed out that they matched with their loud, patterned pants and skirt, respectively. He also told Lloyd, who speaks with a thick British accent, that she sounds like judge Sharon Osbourne.

Lloyd barely spoke — it looked like nerves took over. All she said was, “It’s going very well, better than I expected.”

Her debut ‘Sticks & Stones’ drops Sept. 18.

Watch Cher Lloyd Perform ‘Want U Back’ on ‘AGT’

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