It's not like the days of old where you can just throw the kids in the back of a station wagon and let them slide around.  Well, you can, but it's not legal and in reality, not the safest.

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I will argue that it was probably a little safer back in the day when cars were built heavier and there weren't idiots on phones everywhere.  Nowadays though, buckle up and look out for the other guy.  So since kids need to be in a child car seat, it's good to have them inspected.  Like anything, they can break, have defects, and it might not even be something noticeable to you.  They have experts for that, yes, that's a thing, and they are there to help.

There are two up-coming child car seat clinics that you can attend for free.  It's a team effort with the City of Duluth Life Safety staff, and St. Luke's.  The clinics are for parents and caregivers to have their car seats inspected by a certified child passenger technician.  The first event is on Thursday, June 17th from 4:00-6:00PM at the UMD Fire Station located at 425 West College Street in Duluth.  If you miss that one, the second is on Thursday, July 15th from Noon-2:00PM at the Duluth Heights Fire Station located at 1419 West Maple Grove Road in Duluth.

You do need to RSVP to attend either of these free clinics and you can do that by calling 218-730-4380 or emailing  You can also sign-up and get more information HERE.

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