Whatever happened to cheesy yet awkwardly charming pick up lines like: “Is your father a thief since he stole all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes?” Apparently, Chris Brown has never heard of those.

A woman reports that Breezy, who is still serving probation after pleading guilty to assaulting his then-lady love Rihanna in 2009, used an unorthodox and rather atrocious pickup line when approaching her at the Lasio Professional Hair Care gifting suite at the 2012 Grammy Awards. He asked for her digits, but then added a sick qualifier.

The woman told Us Weekly that Breezy asked for her number and then said, “I promise I won’t beat you.”

The recipient of the come on said that Breezy and his friends had a hearty laugh at his joke, saying that was his “new line.” The woman said, “Ugh, I wanted to throw up.”

Brown’s rep promptly responded to the story and refuted it, saying, “I’d be surprised if Chris said something that stupid.”

Let’s hope that he didn’t and that this a case of being too bad to be true.

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