For the last time, it's not a Rihanna tattoo!

Chris Brown got a widely-discussed tattoo on his neck that many speculated was a tribute to his ex, Rihanna, since it was appeared to be a woman's face. Turns out it's merely a skull design.

It was turning into Tattoogate for a second, and was one of the most talked about pieces of ink in, like, ever. The tat, which looked poorly done in photos, bore resemblance to the famous photos of RiRi's bruised face, which leaked after Brown was arrested for beating her in 2009. That's why it caused so much web chatter. People were concerned that Brown glorified a photo of RiRi that depicted violence.

Plus, the media is always looking for ways to link Breezy and RiRi and catch them, "A-ha!" style, in a secret romance. The tattoo provided fodder for such continued rumors.

Brown's publicist sought to clear the rumor up once and for all, telling TMZ that Breezy's tattoo "is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw. It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported." We sorta feel bad for his PR rep. Shooting down Rihanna rumors appears to be a full time job for Brown's flack.

So a skull and a MAC design? That's interesting, to say the least.

In other Brown news, it's not always controversy that surrounds him. The singer bought ice cream for over 60 people last week.

Brown was volunteering at Los Angeles' Jenesse Center, which is a non-profit dedicated to domestic violence prevention that he has been involved with since 2009. He was hosting the org's Back to School Festival. At the event, kids that have experienced domestic violence in their homes were provided school supplies and because of Brown, they enjoyed an extra sweet, creamy treat.

TMZ reports that Breezy noticed an ice cream truck outside and bought cones for all the kids and adults who were present. The gesture was not a part of his volunteer work and he bought the goodies voluntarily, debiting his bank account by several hundred dollars, to boot. What a nice move on his part.

See, despite his ornery rep, Breezy has a heart. He's not as bad as he is portrayed in the press.

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