It looks like Christina Milian is loving Duluth! You probably already know by now that the actress and singer is in town and has been for a bit now. She is filming a movie in the Twin Ports.

She hasn't been shy about her whereabouts! In early November, she shared two photos in front of an iconic Duluth building. Those that aren't from Duluth knew it as well because she tagged our town on the post!

Between that post and now, she has shared a few more photos from Duluth and even one across the bridge in Superior! In one photo, she is clearly at an antique store in Superior and again, tagged her location on the post.

In case you're wondering, she is in town filming a movie called Body Language. Details on the film are mum for now but we do know she has a starring role, thanks in part to her fun videos and photos from Duluth.

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Her latest post from Duluth is all about the vibes! She went shopping at a plant boutique called Flora North. The spot is located in Lincoln Park and she dressed in green and went to the store, matching the plants. (People go all out for photos on social media these days).

She shared the series of photos right before Thanksgiving on her Instagram page. Whether she went for the photo op or to get some plants, we may never know. Either way, it's pretty fun to have a famous celebrity shopping in our little town.

That's not all! I decided to look at her TikTok, as a new TikTok user myself, and saw a video she made in downtown Duluth! The video has Black Water in the background and features her daughter strutting down the street.

Filming for the movie won't go on forever so soak in the excitement while you can! She has over seven million followers on Instagram so lots of people are learning all about Duluth and what we have to offer.

It may seem random but there have been many movies made in Minnesota recently. There was a romantic comedy Christmas movie that filmed in Duluth earlier this year and is now on Hulu.

There was also a movie filmed a few hours from here featuring a star from Stranger Things! Joe Keery caused quite a stir in the Twin Cities area when the movie was filming earlier this year.

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