Remember earlier this year when a Christmas movie was being filmed in Minnesota? Well, you will be able to catch it on a silver screen very soon.

In case you didn't know, back in February, news broke that a romantic holiday movie was filming on location in Isanti, Minnesota, which is located just a few hours from Duluth. Now, you can catch that film on Monday, November 30th. The film will air on Lifetime that evening.

The Erickson Farmstead, where the movie was filmed, shared the exciting news on their Facebook page. There is no word on when it will air just yet but make sure to check your local listings as the air date gets closer!

The movie is called "The Christmas Listing" and stars Lexi Giovagnoli, Travis Burns and Greg Evigan in lead roles. The movie is centered around an uptight realtor trying to save her dad's home from foreclosure. That is when she meets another realtor and in a shocking twist, they have to compete against each other for a listing all while slowly falling in love but pretending they hate each other.

I seriously love Christmas movies - especially that of the cheesy and romantic variety. It is also awesome that this was filmed in Minnesota. Even if you have never been to Isanti, it is still cool to see the place we call home on the television screen. Throw in some romance and this just might be the best thing ever!

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