Ciara has been having a blast in Nigeria. The singer shared her enthusiasm as she danced in the city streets of Lagos.

"I Couldn't Leave Without Doing This! The Soul, The Culture, The Passion Here Is Unreal!! Thank You For Opening Up Your Neighborhood To Me and My Dancers and Letting Us Feel Your soul! #Shoki," read an Instagram post next to a video of her busting out some moves with five other dancers -- including Nigerian choreographer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh.

CiCi also gave other women in the group a chance to shine. "Watching These Girls Dance Give Me Chills! It's Not Just A Dance. It's A Feeling. Wow!" read another Instagram post where the dancers takes turns to show some moves.

But Ciara wasn't only in Nigeria to dance. She also visited students in the Ilado Community Junior High School and The Akande Dahunsi Memorial Senior/Junior High School. In one video, she and the children recite a beautiful message: "I believe in my dream and no ones going to stop me from believing in my dream." Tears. In another post she says: "When I look In Their Eyes. I See Depth, Courage, Life, Love, Character, A Future Doctor, A Future Lawyer, A Future Scientist, A Future Leader, A Future Mom, A Future Dad. The Future! When I Hold Their Hands, I Feel The Sweetest Love. Grateful."

Ciara is already known for having some impressive moves (who doesn't remember her "1, 2 Step" video?), but the testament to a great dancer is to be able to learn from other cultures and styles. Check out the videos of Ciara getting down above and below as well as the heartwarming messages shared between herself and the Nigerian youngsters.