I am a big fan of cereal and Trix is definitely one of them, but like most things over time some of the foods you really enjoy take on a new texture, taste, color and even shapes

WDIO reports Minneapolis based company General Mills announced earlier this week that they are going back to the fruit shaped cereal so many of us enjoyed in the 1990's. These fruity shapes first appeared in 1991 but went back to the original round shapes in 2006.

Believe it or not the company has received over 20,000 requests in the last months to return to the old shapes, so coming this Fall Trix lovers will have fruit shaped cereal again. Trix was actually the first cereal featuring bright colors when it was launched in 1954.

I miss the prizes in the box, some of the cereals may still have them but they got smart and put them on the outside of the cereal bag, unlike when I was a kid and I would always be tempted to just stick my hand in the box and get it with cereal bubbling over the sides. OK truth be told I did do that more than once and now that I think about it that is pretty gross. :)


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