Minnesota-based General Mills announced a whole bunch of new food products hitting store shelves this summer.

The company shared earlier this week that many of their brands will debut new products from cereal to yogurt, taco kits to snack bars, and even some new items for your pets.

Jodi Benson, chief Innovation, Technology and Quality officer at General Mills, commented on the products, sharing that many of the new offerings take into consideration what they see as current consumer trends that "balance indulgence and self-care". With offerings like Lucky Charms oatmeal in the new roster, that seems like an appropriate description.

While most of the new products are showing up on U.S. grocery store shelves this summer, the General Mills press information did note that they have some international products getting added as well.

The key updates to their U.S. lineup fall in the categories of cereal, snacks, yogurt, meals & baking, and some products in their Blue Buffalo pet line.

Here is a breakdown of the new items:

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