The Cloquet Police Department sent out a public notice today reminding people about the dangers and unintended consequences of playing "Nerf Wars."

The game is simple, use a Nerf Blaster or similar toy gun and shoot your enemy with a soft Nerf projectile to "kill" them and win the war. The problem is, some take the game a little too seriously by shooting others while driving or entering homes while families are sleeping.

Car accidents have resulted because of the game and Cloquet police warn that "family members may be unaware of such a game occurring, and many own [real] guns for protections from burglaries or other crimes. Not only could the action be unlawful but the act could also trigger an unintended response from someone inside the house or by law enforcement."

They go on to say, "as innocent as these games may be, we encourage parents to talk with their children about the dangers associated with these types of activities."

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