The Minnesota Department of Transportation has pushed the completion of the Can Of Worms project to 2028 due to a current lack of funding.

According to a report in, while the main part of the project, which is located on I-35 between the 21st Avenue West and and 27th Avenue West exits, is expected to be completed in 2024, the rest of the project has been pushed to 2027 and 2028:

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has rescheduled the reconstruction of the Hwy. 53 bridge over the Lincoln Park neighborhood and upgrades to the Garfield Avenue interchange at Interstate 535 to later this decade after the Twin Ports Interchange project was scaled back due a $100 million funding gap.

As it stands now, the Hwy. 53 bridge will be replaced in 2027 at an expected cost of between $40 million and $55 million.  Until then, weight restrictions will remain in place and the Minnesota Department of Transportation assures motorist that the bridge will never be allowed to become unsafe.

The Garfield Avenue interchange, which is expected to cost between $18 million and $24 million, now has a 2028 construction date.

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StarTribune points out that since planning for the Can Of Worms project is pretty much complete, there is a chance that it could be finished earlier than 2028 if money becomes available sooner.  One way this could happen would be through a coronavirus stimulus bill.

I'm sure there are plenty of Northland residents skeptical if this project will ever be completed.  However, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has made it clear that it is a priority and that funding will eventually come through one way or another.

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