Congratulations to Angie Locker of Duluth who now has $1,000 from Klarbrunn to help her passion of helping others.

Angie and her daughters have started a small business based on their Wellness Mantra " Be Your Be" the goal being to end the stigma of mental illness. Right now they sell t-shirts, but with their winnings they hope to be able to advertise and expand the product line.

Cooper and I were lucky enough to meet Angie and her daughters in person who were ecstatic, but Angie explained that just to be in the finals was awesome to help spread the word and open the lines of communication about mental illness.

From all of us at MIX 108 thank you Angie for shedding some light on a subject that many avoid talking about and suffer in silence. We know that "Be Your Be" is set to make a big impact on our community and hopefully help many people in the process.

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