I decided to take a trip to the movie theater this weekend, and I almost passed out during the checkout process.

I get it, things are more expensive these days, and we should all be used to it by now, but my trip to the movies this weekend left me in shock how expensive it is for just two people to go to the theater.

On Saturday night, my daughter and I joined some friends for the 6 PM showing of 'Abigail' and the cost for two tickets was $31, add some snacks to that total, and it was a $50+ trip to see a movie, for just two people, so a family of four could easily drop $100 for a movie, that's insane!

Denis Raev

Marcus Theatres prices aren't much different from any other movie house in Minnesota, the price for an adult ticket on Saturday night is $13.61, plus a $1.89 service charge per ticket, for a grand total of $15.50 per person.

According to Statistam.com, the average price of a movie ticket (at AMC Theatres) in the United States in 2023 was $11.90, in 2015 the price was $9.61, that's nearly a 25% increase.


I don't blame Marcus, or any movie theater operator on their pricing, I know they don't make a ton of money from the actual movies, and most money is made on concessions and other special events.

I just hope that it doesn't become too expensive to go to the movies, everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of seeing a new movie on the big screen. Thankfully, theaters still offer special deals, like on Tuesdays at Marcus, and matinée deals, so it's time to start taking advantage of those deals more.

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